Friday, March 27, 2015


Survivorman is one of the only true and honest survival shows I know, not like Bear Grylls and Dual Survival. Though both Bear Grylls and Dual Survival are entertaining and do show some good and useful footage, most of it is just for show. Survivorman will show the true struggle of surviving in the wild. Survivorman is always true to his viewers and always stays true to his task. The show is as simple as a man going into the wild and trying to endure nature. He shows the worst and best parts of nature. Survivorman is alwo very witty and quick to crack a joke even just when he's by himself. The show is very knowledgeable and always lightens your mood.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

A good follow-up to a great first movie was How to Train Your Dragon 2. It had the right amounts of humor, drama, love, and loss. It may seem to be childish due to its animation and plot surrounding mythical creatures or dragons, but I assure you when enjoying this movie, age doesn't matter because this movie appeals to all ages. Be warned there is sadness, but don't worry there is enough happiness to outweigh the sad. So if you are looking for a movie to please everyone, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the movie to get. I promise, it's amazing!

~That Random Person


So, before you watch the trailer and form totally negative opinions on this movie, I'd like to assure you that it really wasn't that bad. From the viewpoint of someone who has read the books and loved them, I still thought the movie did have a good plot to it. It, admittedly, was very far from the book BUT it still was a pretty well-thought-out, complex movie. They FINALLY included Shauna, Hector, and Uriah, although they weren't really significant to the plot. The special effects were fantastic and if you keep an open mind that this is a separate story from the book, you'll end up enjoying it as I did. Needless to say, I had low expectations going into the theater, but came out satisfied. I'll still love the books more but it was hard to be disappointed about the movie.

~Aiden the Destroyer

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Exorcist

The Exorcist was a fantastic horror movie. For some, it would frighten them, but for me it was more for the laugh of it. Many people think that's crud, but I'm naturally not scared of most horror movies. Most of the time I look for the funny parts of a horror movie because for the most part it does not scare me.

How about you watch the movie and let me know what you think.

~ Ciara

Wattpad (@wattpad)

Wattpad is an app for aspiring authors. Anyone can write and post a story they wrote, people who read these stories can 'vote' on the chapters they like, and you can comment on things or characters you like in the story. It's a great place to converse with other young authors.

It's awesome!

~ Ashlynn W.

Ava's Demon - webcomic

Not a book or movie, but if you're looking to read a really cool story and happen to be into comics, I STRONGLY SUGGEST the webcomic Ava's Demon by Michelle Czajkowski. (artist and storyteller, basically she does it all by herself) it's fairly popular and it updates every Monday and Thursday. The story is sci-fi and crayyyyzayyyy. If you're into some really far out stuff (yes, I'm talking magic and weird robot aliens) (It's better than I'm making it sound ;) ).

Anyway, it's worth a read.

~ Aiden B.

P.S., everybody, not too complicated.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Worst Case Scenario

By Joshua Piven

I read the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel. This book was very interesting because it is the only place I could think of to tell me how to survive an alien abduction. The author also managed to fit in some humor. I would recommend this book for people who travel.

- Ben W.