Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reality Boy, Noggin & Going Rogue, Blogged by Miss Sue!

Reality Boy by A.S. King

Gerald ‘the Crapper’ had been a reality show star when he was 5-7 years old and as a teenager still has ‘anger issues’ that he needs to come to terms with. He meets a girl from a dysfunctional family and realizes he is not the only one with issues. They escape on a road trip which ends in disaster and clarity.

Noggin by John Carey Whaley

Travis is dying from leukemia and nothing has worked. He is given the option to have his head taken off and cryogenically frozen, to be reattached to another body when science has advanced enough to do so. He wakes as if from a nap five years later with a new buff body. He is still 16, but his family and friends are 5 years older and have made their peace with his death. Now he has to figure out how to make the old and the new fit together as neatly as his head and new body.

Going Rogue by Robin Benway

Maggie uses her safe-cracking skills to help clear her parent’s names when they are falsely accused of theft. Unfortunately it also puts her family and friends into even more danger and she discovers that the

agency she and her parents work for has become corrupt. She and her friends flee to Paris to form a new team and reveal the guilty.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tease by Amanda Maciel

Blogged by Miss Sue!

Sara and best friend Brielle are on trial with 3 boys for bullying which lead to the suicide of a classmate Emma. Between meetings with lawyers and a court appointed therapist she has time to reflect on what happened and come to terms with the fact that what she had done had crossed the line from ‘normal’ teasing into bullying and that she had also been bullied.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebran

Blogged by Miss Sue!

Elizabeth, a New Jersey beach girl, only child of a gay dad and busy mom, tired of her boyfriend who pressures for sex, and tired of spending so much time alone at home, sends and email to her roommate-to-be at UC Berkley. Lauren, oldest of 6 siblings in boisterous loving family Just. Wants. Some. Privacy. and is dismayed she will have a roommate. They find in each other a confidant for dealing with their separation from long-time friends, family and new boyfriends. Email is not a perfect medium and miscommunication can happen.

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

Blogged by Miss Sue!

Iolanthe looses a great bolt of lightning in an attempt to protect her guardian’s position, but Prince Titus sees it, knows that his destiny is upon him and reaches her just before the Inquisitor can find her. She is shocked to hear that she is to be the greatest mage of their generation and is destined to defeat and kill both the Inquisitor and Atlantis’ ruler the Bane.  No place is safe for them, not Eton the boys’ school in nonmage territory London where she pretends to be a student and not the fairy tale pages of the crucible where she practices to increase her powers. She is the Prince’s means to an end but he discovers that he has fallen in love with her. He is supposed to die, but she won’t let that happen. Can they still succeed, fulfill their destinies and hold onto each other?